KEBS Finally Certifies Kenya's First Locally Manufactured Ventilator
Kevin Namunwa  |  Sep 11, 2020

Kenya has finally unveiled its first ever locally manufactured ventilator. It has been developed by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers’ (KAM) automotive sector, led by Mutsimoto Limited.

Dubbed Pumuaishi 3.0, the ventilator was actually unveiled in April but has been undergoing standards evaluation for certification at the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS. It will now be patented and produced for both local and export markets.

Other companies also provided experts in the development of the ventilator including Mobius Motors, Kenyatta National Hospital, and the Aga Khan University among others.

KEBS Director of Metrology and Testing, Dr Henry Rotich lauded his employer for supporting the manufacturer in developing the ventilator prototype for usage.

“We have worked together to improve Pumuaishi 3.0, to ensure that it can compete on the same level with those from other countries,” remarked Dr Rotich.  

In his part, KAM Automotive Sector Chair and Mutsimoto Motor Company CEO, Ashit Shah, appreciated the government’s support towards the development of the ventilator.

“We have worked closely with the government to develop Pumuaishi 3.0, an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ventilator, which can be used on paediatrics and adults weighing up to 180kgs.

This ventilator can go for a minimum of 24 hours without power, making it efficient in the event of power outages.

It can also be charged using solar power, so it can be used in an ambulance,” noted Shah.

He added that the certification of Pumuaishi 3.0 is a demonstration of the local manufacturing sector’s capacity and potential to be self-sufficient.

“Pumuaishi 3.0 has been made from locally sourced raw materials, with the involvement of experts from the Ministry of Health, Kenyatta National Hospital and KEBS. The invention brought together local experts from various fields, including programmers, Biomedical engineers, doctors, and automotive engineers to develop.” 

KAM Chief Executive, Phyllis Wakiaga, lauded the Sector for the initiative and urged Kenyans and the government to purchase locally produced goods.