Churches Given Nod To Hold Longer Worship Services
Kevin Namunwa  |  Aug 11, 2020

The COVID-19 Interfaith Council has revised its earlier communicated guidelines to allow more Kenyans into places of worship and for longer.

 A worship service can now run for upto 90 minutes as opposed to the earlier 1-hour service. The age limit has also been changed from 13-58 years to 6-65 years. The Council has also scrapped the 100-person limit in places of worship, in favour of determination by social availability and the adherence of the 1.5 metres distancing.

According to the Chairman of the Council, Anthony Muheria, the decision comes on the back of a high level of compliance in places of worship, where there has been over 90% obedience.

 “Having seen the high level of compliance in places of worship, we are convinced that the Kenyans will now follow the requirements of wearing masks, social distancing, washing of hands, and self-regulation to an acceptable degree especially in the worship gatherings in the course of the week and in their main days,” he said.

He further urged the elderly, sick or with health conditions to continue worshipping from their homes as they will put their health at risk if they join congregations in places of worship.

The council also raised an alarm over the flouting of guidelines in funerals, stating that compliance is currently below 10%.

Muheria noted that obedience to the funeral guidelines is easily waived and flouted depending on the social status of individuals.

The Council has set the number of attendants in funerals at 100 persons, up from an initial 15 persons, saying that it is reasonable and not too constraining. However, only 15 people will be allowed at the grave for burial.