Kenyan Slum Dwellers To Benefit From World Bank's Ksh 16.2 Billion
Kevin Namunwa  |  Aug 10, 2020

1.7 million Kenyans are set to benefit from World Bank’s Ksh16.2 billion given to the nation to help improve tenure security and access to basic services

The funds which are classified under the International Developed Association Credit will be remitted to the country soon. The money is set to facilitate the second phase of the Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Project (KISIP2).

World Bank Operations Manager and Acting Country Director for Kenya, Camille Lampart Nuamah, said that the money will be channeled towards reducing infrastructure and services gap in informal settlements in the country.

“Rapid urbanization and an increasing share of the poor living in urban areas has outpaced services and infrastructure provision, and this project will contribute to reducing this infrastructure and services gap,” Nuamah said.

Community facilities will receive a huge chunk of the money.

It will be geared towards enhancing tenure security and infrastructure upgrading for basic services including roads, drainage, water, sanitation, and street lighting among other community facilities.

The money will also be used for livelihood support and community engagement to assess and address risks, including the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The project will also cushion urban informal settlement residents who depend on daily earnings against the negative socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Nuamah added.

World Bank, the remitter of the money, said the project will improve access to basic services, such as clean and safe water, mobility within the informal settlements, access for emergency vehicles, and the resilience of communities in instances of disasters.

The residents of these places will also have more socio-economic opportunities which could easily transform into employment opportunities.