Ministry of Health Has Spent Ksh3.77 Billion on Covid-19 Campaigns
Kevin Namunwa  |  Aug 6, 2020

Advertising trends in Kenya have drastically changed after the country recorded its first case of coronavirus in March.

Most companies had to rethink their marketing strategies as most companies target to use Covid-19 sensitization as an advertising tool.

Hand sanitizers, for instance, were considered a luxury before the virus. Today. However, most companies have debuted their line of branded sanitizers since the products are on high demand right now.

The same has been witnessed with facemasks.

According to a report by Reel Analytics, advertising trends in the country changed in response to the global pandemic. The pandemic has also affected the economy in the country hence affecting advertising strategies in local companies.

In the period that the virus has been existent in the country, the Ministry of Health has spent the most on advertising among Kenyan corporations. The government entity has spent Ksh3.77 billion in advertising as it has focused on educating Kenyans on how to keep safe from the virus.

The Ksh3.77 billion spent by the Ministry of Health was channeled towards the Coronavirus awareness campaign.  Most of the advertising spending during the period of the pandemic has been directed towards sensitizing Kenyans about the virus.

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) was the second-largest spender in advertising over the period of the pandemic. The lender spent Ksh1.7 billion in advertising. The figure translates to 21% of the total expenditure in advertising for the period of the pandemic.

The Lender spent the entire advertising budget on its Covid-19 campaign. KCB collaborated with the Ministry of Health for the Komesha Corona campaign.

Safaricom plc and The Standard Group were the third and fourth largest spenders in advertising respectively. Both corporations spent the budget on Covid-19 campaigns.

The former spent Ksh902 million on the Safaricom COVID-19 campaign while the latter spent Ksh656 million on the Standard Group COVID campaign.

Corporations sensitizing on Covid-19, including the Ministry of Health, spent Ksh 8.2 billion in total on the campaigns.


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