NBK To Pay Its Former MD Ksh 26.5 Million for Wrongful Dismissal
Kevin Namunwa  |  Oct 13, 2020

National Bank of Kenya (NBK) will have to pay its former managing director, Munir Sheikh Ahmed, Ksh 26.5 million for unfair dismissal four years ago.

Munir sued the bank for wrongful dismissal after he was let go amid allegations of gross misconduct and misrepresentation of financial statements.

Employment and Labour Relations Court judge Byram Onganya ruled in favour of NBK’s former boss.

The judge said he did not see any evidence proving the reason behind Munir’s dismissal.

“Accordingly, the reason for termination was not established at all and the court finds that it was unreasonable to dismiss the petitioner upon a general allegation that was never established,” the judge said, adding that the dismissal amounted to unfair labour practice.

Munir was fired in April 2016 amid claims that the bank was making losses while financial statements presented a rosy picture of its financial health.

At the time of his dismissal, Munir still had 16 months left to the end of his five-year term.

In his suit, the former NBK MD further blamed the bank for publishing his dismissal on the media hence tarnishing his name.

The Judge agreed, saying: “The court considers that it is unfair labour practice for an employer, without good cause or reason, to publicise and publish adverse material about its employee in view of the contract of service and its execution as it was done in the present case, and, such publication, in the court’s opinion, amounts to unfair labour practice.”

The court, however, declined to award him damages for the anguish he suffered following the sacking.

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