Working from Home Tips
Denis Gitau  |  Jun 2, 2020  | 
Denis Gitau  |  Jun 2, 2020  |  Brand

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about its own fair share of changes. It began with suspending flights, to canceling public gatherings and now employees have the mandate to stay home and keep safe. 

Remote working admirably complements a workplace environment. As we keep safe against the Coronavirus, these tips will help you not only deliver daily tasks but be as productive as possible while working from home; 

Have a plan

In almost everything that we do, a plan makes it easy to achieve it. Scripting a plan may be easy, sticking to the plan is always the difficult part. At times unavoidable circumstances trigger defecting from the actual plan. When planning, prioritize work that requires much attention first. Key tip: optimize your most productive time of the day.

Ensure effective communication. 

Ensure you have understood the instructions from your employer on the important tasks required of you. Working from home brings out aspects of communication break downs. Considering there is no in-person office experience, using other digital tools such as Zoom to hold meetings comes in handy. 

Dedicate yourself a home workspace.

At home, shared spaces like the dining room, and studio are prone to distraction. Get yourself an area in the house where you can work with minimal distractions. This way, those you are with at home will know you are working when they spot you at that unused corner desk. Given the prevailing health conditions, going to the local café to work is counterproductive.

Set personal timelines 

Aside from the work schedule, delivering tasks within the stipulated period is a huge plus. It not only builds trust with your supervisor but proves you are up to the hurdles of working remotely. Answering email queries promptly indicates that you are actively aware of what is required of you. Sync your mobile phone with your personal computer just in case you take a break that takes you away from your laptop.

Break, eat and enjoy the comfort of working at home

You are at home! You have no direct supervision! Enjoy it while it lasts. Take breaks when necessary, enjoy your meals, and most importantly enjoy the freedom that comes with working from home.

In conclusion, as you work from home, find your element, and execute what is required of you. Don’t give your employer a reason to believe that working from home doesn’t work. Also, work from where you feel happy. Not everyone might enjoy the luxury of working from home. If your preference is an office set up, get a comfortable chair, desk, and a well-ventilated room. Besides, this opportunity to work from home serves as an eye-opener to employers to consider adopting a work from home policy. Your performance will play a huge role in convincing your manager. Also, if working from home isn’t for you, then don’t do it out of peer pressure, just be you. Not everyone fancies working from home.