80% of Working Kenyans Are Not Registered with Any Pension Scheme
Kevin Namunwa  |  Aug 16, 2020

Retirement is a topic that has always been taken lightly in the country. When the topic comes up all we think about is that we will finally have time to rest.

However, retirement is not just about too much free time, it also means you will need money to spend in the free time. Most people prefer to start worrying about their financial life after retirement five years before D-Day.

About 80% of the working population in Kenya are not members of any pension scheme.

If the working population is not prepared for its financial situation after retirement, how will life be like for the unemployed who are yet to start earning before they can save?

Retirement savings are important in many ways and should be a more explored topic in the country. Pension schemes provide excellent bodies for people to save for retirement.

Benefits of Pension Schemes

Retirement savings ensure that your income stream does not stop even when you stop working. After retirement, many experience a decline in the amount and stability of income relative to their productive years. Retirement savings ensures that this decline is manageable or is non-existent and enables you to be able to live the lifestyle you desire even after retirement.

Savings in a pension scheme earns compounded interest which means that your money grows faster as even the interest earned is reinvested and grows. Additionally, retirement schemes are tax exempt meaning that the schemes have more to reinvest.

By providing an income in retirement, pension schemes ensure that the scheme members do not experience old age poverty where they have to rely on their family, relatives, and friends for survival.

 Furthermore, a pension scheme will help you achieve your dream of owning a home. This can be done through a mortgage or a direct residential house purchase using your pension savings. A member may assign up to 60% of their pension benefits or the market value of the property, whichever is less, to provide a mortgage guarantee.

The guarantee may enable the member to acquire immovable property on which a house has been erected, erect a house, add, or carry out repairs to a house, secure financing or waiver, as the case may be, for deposits, stamp duty, valuation fees, and legal fees and any other transaction costs required.

On the other hand, a pension scheme member may utilize up to 40% of their benefits to purchase a residential house directly subject to a maximum allowable amount of Ksh 7 Million and the amount they use should not exceed the buying price of the house.