Forbes Magazine Lists Kenya Among Countries Safe For Travel
Kevin Namunwa  |  Sep 3, 2020

Kenya has been listed among 9 countries open for both tourism and business travel by Forbes Magazine. 

Kenya has been listed alongside Mexico, Turkey and Maldives, and Dubai. The country was cited to have a ‘fairly good’ Covid-19 trend.

The country was seen as a favourable choice of destination during the Covid-19 pandemic because of its lenient entry requirements.

 According to the Ministry of Health, foreigners only need proof of a COVID-19 negative test, with the test having been conducted at least within 96 hours of arrival.

“It’s interesting to note that Kenya restarted international flights to and from the country on August 1st and since then case numbers have steadily decreased,” reads the article by the Forbes Magazine published on Thursday.

In the recent past, Kenya has been recording a lower number of cases thanks to the restriction put in place by the government and the Ministry of Health.

The current drop in cases of infections has also placed the country in a favourable position.

 By yesterday, Kenya had 34,493 coronavirus cases recorded since March, out of which 20,449 have recovered and 581 fatalities.

The tourism sector has been on its knees since March when the country witnessed a lockdown from the rest of the world.