Aly-Khan Satchu hosts Edwin H. Dande, Managing Partner and CEO Cytonn Investments Management Plc on Mindspeak at the Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi
Nov 11, 2017

Edwin H. Dande, Managing Partner and CEO, Cytonn Investments Management Plc, was today hosted by Aly-Khan Satchu, Founder and CEO of Rich Management, on this month’s #MindSpeak forum at the Intercontinental Hotel. Edwin briefly gave an overview of Cytonn’s core business - alternative investments. He noted that the key driver at Cytonn is results and delivery. “We are passionately driven to deliver innovative and differentiated financial

solutions that speak to our clients’ needs.” Edwin Dande, Managing Partner and CEO Cytonn Investments Management Plc and Aly-Khan Satchu at the Mindspeak web series recording. While commending all the participants for attending the forum, Aly-Khan said that he was pleased with how open Cytonn has been in regards to its financials. “Institutions like Cytonn are the reason behind the continuous growth of the economy. I had questions about their balance sheet which I raised and the CEO, Mr. Dande, invited me so that he could w
walk me through them. I am glad that I accepted the invitation and actually got to understand their books,” said Aly-Khan. Aly-Khan also applauded Cytonn’s exponential growth from its inception in 2014 to a current balance sheet size of Kshs 18.0 billion with project under mandate of kShs 82.0 billion spread across ten investments ready projects. Edwin addressing the audience on Cytonn’s core business. During the two-hour interactive session with the audience, Edwin talked about the unique proposition that Cytonn has in the market. He explained that currently Cytonn is the only institution that has managed to couple development capabilities and fundraising capabilities on the same platform through its structured investment products, that are available to High Net Worth Individual investors and Institutional Investors. Edwin also attributed Cytonn’s growth to good corporate governance and management. “Governance protects us against mediocrity. Good governance and risk management are the bedrock of all Cytonn’s strategies and that is what makes us a great company,” he concluded. The audience was mostly interested in startup funding, corporate governance, structured products, long term return in real estate, negative brand publicity, mentorship and training. They got to interact with some of the members of staff present in order to learn more about Cytonn and investments industry in general. Daniel Mainye, Cytonn Technologies Business Manager (middle) interacting with the attendees of the forum. After the interview, interested members of the audience were taken for site visits to two of our ongoing projects, The Alma in Ruaka worth Kshs. 4.5 billion & Amara Ridge in Karen worth Kshs. 1 billion, to see the progress of the developments.

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