Kenya Airways Cuts Ticket Prices for Health Workers
Kevin Namunwa  |  Sep 1, 2020

Kenyan health workers will now benefit from a 50% waiver on ticket prices in the event they intend to use Kenya Airways for their travelling solutions. However, the offer is only valid for one month.  

Kenya Airways (KQ) on Tuesday said the move is meant to honour the front-line health workers who are our hope in battling the Covid-19 pandemic. The virus has already claimed the lives of 572 Kenyans some of whom are front-line health workers.

As per Monday evening, 33,794 people had been infected by the disease since March when the first case was reported.

Health workers have always been there to take care of those who were infected by the virus. They sure deserve the KQ waiver.

 In a statement, KQ said health workers will be required to show their work Identity Card at the time of purchase and checking in.

“We celebrate our medical heroes with an exclusive offer. Healthcare workers can book tickets by 30th Sep 20 & get up to 50 percent off in Business and Economy class to 20+ destinations,” reads the statement in part.

The one-month-long offer kicked off on Tuesday, with health workers now traveling on a 50 percent off in Business and Economy class to more than 20 destinations.

By July, Kenya had more than 250 health workers infected by coronavirus, while four had succumbed to the disease.

Dr. Doreen Lugaliki was the first Kenyan doctor to succumb to the disease.


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