Kenyan Security Company Invested in Mitigating Crime
Kevin Namunwa  |  Sep 28, 2020

For years, Kenya has had a problem with crime as the state continuously seeks to find a long lasting solution to the matter.

The task has been left upon the country’s law enforcers and security companies to try and keep crime in Kenya at bay. The private security sector, complements the existing government security.

Kenyan security company, Opticom which is also a subsidiary company of Optimum Group Partnership Ltd (UK) a leading total security and safety management company, specializing in the provision of integrated risk based security services and safety solutions.

In its approach to mitigating crime, Opticom seeks to prevent crime from happening.

The security company uses an approach known as; Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

“Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a term that is used to mean designing out or preventing crime by checking the design of buildings, landscaping and outdoor environments which can either encourage or discourage crime. CPTED attempts to minimize crime and the fear of crime by reducing criminal opportunity.” Opticom CEO Tim Chege told Cytonn Report.

Opticom basically looks at how secure a place will be before it is developed. Be it a hospital, a bank, a mall, the security company advises on how structures will be set up to minimize or avoid any cases from crime once the building is set up.

“At Opticom, we look to point out and eliminate any factors or risks that might make crime to flourish in a particular area,” Chege noted, “we use this to advise a developer on the designs that will ensure the building is secured.”

“After the development is completed, we start to work on the risks and then formulate a way to eliminate anything that will favour crime,” he added.

The security company looks at every possible factor that could contribute to crime and fill out any possible crevice to the security profile of a company; for instance, how the company would recruit, where the CCTV cameras will face and also the number of guards needed. This approach looks at every little detail.

CPTED differs from traditional approaches by placing most of its emphasis on human activities and how they become exposed to crime and loss. Traditional approaches to crime control, centers on the offender, the offense, and the offender’s background.

According to Tim Chege, this approach could see crime mitigated in the near future if it is embraced by many. It is an increasingly fashionable approach and is being implemented on a global scale.

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