NSE Turnover Rises Slightly to Ksh 685.81 Million
Kevin Namunwa  |  Sep 23, 2020

Turnover at the Nairobi Securities Exchange(NSE) today rose slightly to Ksh 685.81 Million this Wednesday compared to Ksh 607 Million the previous day. This was on a volume of 25.82 Million in 1001 deals.

The top gainer was Carbacid Investments, whose share price rose 4.21% to Ksh 8.42, followed by NSE which was up 3,41% to Ksh 8.50, Williamson Tea which was up 2.565 % to Ksh 130.00, Home Afrika which rose 2.44% to Ksh 0.42 and TransCentury whose share price edged 1.84% to Ksh 1.66

Crown Paints was the worst performer at the bourse, its share price declining by 10% to Ksh 44.10, followed by Total which shed 5.74% of its price to Ksh 23.00.

East African Cables was down 4.57% to Ksh 7.10 followed Total, Sasini and Housing Finance which lost 1.94% of its price to Ksh 4.05

The top mover was Safaricom which transacted a volume of 13.82 Million shares at a price of Ksh 30.00, a drop of 0.17% from the previous Ksh 30.05.

Equity which transacted a volume of 2.69 Million shares at a price of Ksh 35.85.

KCB moved a volume of 2.07 Million at the price of Ksh 38.00 per share while KenGen sold a volume of 1.73 Million shares at the price of Ksh 5.08 from the previous Ksh 5.02.

Absa traded a volume of 1.34 Million shares at the price of Ksh 9.88 from the previous Ksh 9.84.
The NSE 20 index fell 0.72 points from 1,839.96 to 1840.68 while the NSE 25 index declined 0.05% from 3219.35 to 3217.59.

NASI also shed off 0.14 points from 139.77 to 139.63.

Trading on the secondary bond market fell slightly lower with bonds worth Ksh 2.90 billion transacted in 53 deals. This is compared to KSh3.01 billion worth of bonds in 73 deals when markets closed this Tuesday.