Cytonn Investments recognized among PropTech Top 100 list 2020 by HexGn
Denis Gitau  |  May 19, 2020

Cytonn Investments has been recognized among the PropTech Top 100 list by HexGn, a team of industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs based in New Delhi. Cytonn was the only Kenyan company to make it to the list.

The HexGn website states “The PropTech segment is a fast-growing industry globally, one that keeps bouncing back despite bad economic conditions. The segment is not limited to traditional buying and selling services anymore; it is seeing a surge in practices like sharing and co-owning of properties.

This can be attributed to the increasing number of innovative start-ups that have introduced products and services that aid in pursuing such novel ideas.”

In the modern market where the customer is king, companies in the PropTech sector have had to up their game to meet the diverse client needs and have a unique offering within the market. Companies need to figure out their niche and work on growing it larger.

Within the Kenyan market, Cytonn Investments has distinguished itself from the rest. So much so that it was recognized among the PropTech Top 100 list by HexGn (a team of industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs). The firm has mastered in strategy and is working towards delivering to promise.

The firm’s ability to orient its operations to suit their clients’ needs and even trade short term interests for long term ones has enabled the company to provide great value for money to its clients.

Cytonn Investments stands as a symbol of what modern-day corporate professionalism should be with their ability to provide alternative investment solutions and opportunities to global institutional investors, individual high net worth investors, local institutional investors, and diaspora investors with an interest in the East African region.

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