Relief for Counties as President Kenyatta Signs Revenie Allocation Bill into Law
Kevin Namunwa  |  Oct 1, 2020


p>Counties will now get funds after a three-month delay, as President Uhuru Kenyatta has signed the 2020/2021 County Revenue Allocation Bill into law.

Going forward, counties will now be allocated a total of Ksh 369.87 billion comprising of equitable sharable revenue of Ksh 316.5 billion, national government grants (Ksh 13.7 billion), road maintenance levy (Ksh 9.4 billion), loans and grants (Ksh 30.2 billion).

Other allocations include leasing of medical equipment (Sh6.2 billion), level five hospitals (Sh4.3 billion), youth polytechnics (Sh900 million), and county headquarters (Sh300 million).

The Sh369.87 billion allocations was approved by the National Assembly on Tuesday evening, fast-tracking a process that had been delayed by senators as they clashed over the revenue formula.

The Bill was published on April 17 but was delayed at the Senate until September 29.

It divides the revenue raised nationally and allocated to county governments through the Division of Revenue Act among the 47 counties.

The enactment allows for the withdrawal of the funds from Treasury's Consolidated Fund and facilitates the transfer of these monied to respective County Revenue Fund.

Counties have gone without funds from the start of the new financial year on July 1, after senators failed to agree on a new revenue sharing formula to guide allocation for the next five years.


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