State To Start Issuing E-Visas on Jan 2021
Kevin Namunwa  |  Nov 4, 2020

 Kenya will start a 100% e-visa issuance as from January 1. 2021. The Ministry of Interior has announced the date the e-visa issuance will be effected.

The ministry, therefore, urges passengers from countries that require a visa to enter Kenya to apply and obtain it before boarding the aircraft.

According to the Immigration Department, visitors will use a newly developed online system for visa application, payment, and issuance.

The deputy director Immigration Department, Alicent Odipo, lauds the new system as one that will streamline the issuance of visas to foreign nationals jetting into the country.

In this case, the applicant receives an e-visa completion on their email that will be printed and endorsed in the passport at the port of arrival. This implies that foreigners need not visit Kenyan embassies or consulates in their country for visa applications.

Odipo added that the e-Visa will be obtained through the e-visa website.

The move is in line with the government’s goal to switch to e-services to enhance efficiency and security.

There have also been calls to migrate to the e-passport by March 2021 when Kenyans will replace their old passports with the East African Community biometric e-passport.