Graduated at 20; Continental Recognition at 23; This Lady Poses a Challenge to the Kenyan Youth
Kevin Namunwa  |  Aug 16, 2020

What were you doing when you were 23? Let me rephrase the question, what had you achieved at 23?

For those who have not yet turned 23, there’s still more than you can do to help you realize your dream before you get to 23. Emilly Bosibori has set a new target for the Kenyan youth as she has already achieved the unimaginable at 23.

Emilly is an iron lady whose dream was to thrive in a male-dominated game and even achieve more than the male gender.

She is an Information Technology (IT) enthusiast who worked her way up the ranks at KPMG East Africa in just a span of 2 years. Today, she is at the top layer of KPMG’S technology assurance department. She is now an IT Consultant at the company. 

“When I was in campus, there was this stereotype that a lady cannot thrive in IT because it is a male-dominated field,” Emilly told Cytonn Report, “this really motivated me because I had worked hard and achieved all that I set out to in high school and joined the University of my dream. This posed another challenge for me to conquer.

While most Kenyans graduate at 23 or older, Emilly went against all odds to graduate at Strathmore University when she was only 20. In fact, she got her bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology with first-class honours. She was 20.

“Strathmore University was my dream campus and getting to the institution is not something I took lightly,” Emilly narrates.

Indeed, she conquered the challenge as she was recently nominated among the top 35 under 35 women in Africa. This is an achievement that the IT expert did not anticipate at all.

“I remember being called by this guy who said he was from News Agenda Kenya telling me that I had been nominated in the top 35 under 35 in the IT category and I was to meet the judges the next day,” she recalls.

She could hardly make out who had nominated her for the category but that single call changed her mood that day. Based on her achievements, she deserved the nomination and promises that that is only but the beginning.

At 23, Emilly’s achievements can make you question the milestones you have reached at 30 (or more). Being a lady, Emillys aspirations was to thrive in a male-dominated world and even do better. She has indeed achieved that.

Love for IT

Emilly fell in love with IT at a very tender age and it was always her dream to be a big wig in the sector. Her lifelong dream, she says, is to bring technology-related solutions to the common problems in Africa.

“I believe that the world is moving towards the technology direction and it is my goal to move along with it,” she says.

On a daily basis, Emilly learns about the new trends in the technology world. Out of her head, she could talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Bitcoins as the new trends she has been joggling her mind with, during her free time.

In fact, learning more about IT is among her hobbies, together with hanging out with friends and singing. If she is not with her friends, or singing Adventist hymns, you will find Emilly at home learning a new thing about AI or big data. 

Her nomination in the top 35 under 35 poses a challenge to the Kenyan Youth who are continuously complaining about the lack of employment opportunities in Africa.

Advice to Youth.

Emilly insists that the Kenyan youth should work smart rather than work hard.

“A lot of people work hard but if you work hard you will stand out.”

“Be ambitious, stand out in whatever you do, and always look for what your heart desires. You might start small but one day you’ll get what you have been working hard for,” she concludes.