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Restructuring and Insolvency in Kenya

Aug 13, 2023

Insolvency refers to a financial situation where an individual, business or entity, such as a fund, is unable to meet their financial obligations or settle their debts as they become due. In most cases, the state of insolvency occurs due to an increase in business expenses, poor cash management, law suits, poor budgeting, fraud, business expansion, or a reduction in sales.  In Kenya, insolvency proceedings are primarily governed by the Insolvency Act of 2015. The act provides for how insolvent companies can be assisted to service creditors obligati...

Unit Trust Funds (UTFs) Performance, Q1’2023

Aug 6, 2023

Unit Trust Funds (UTFs) are Collective Investment Schemes that pool funds from multiple investors and are managed by professional fund managers. The fund managers invest the pooled funds in a diversified portfolio of securities such as equities, bonds or any authorized financial securities, with the aim of generating returns to meet the specific objectives of the fund. Following the release of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) Quarterly Statistical Bulletin-Q2’2023, we analyze the performance of Unit Trust Funds for the period ending 31st March 2023, whose total Assets Under Management (AUM) have been steadily increasing, and are among the most popular investment options in the Kenyan market. We will further analyze the performance of Money Market Funds, a product under Unit Trust Funds. In our previous focus on Unit Trust Funds, we...

Kenya Retail Report 2023

Jul 30, 2023

In August 2022, we published the Kenya Retail Report 2022, themed “Accelerated Retail Investments,” which highlighted that the Kenyan retail sector’s overall performance remained stable, with the average rental yield coming in at 6.8% in 2022, unchanged from what was recorded in 2021. The average occupancy rate however declined by 1.1% points to 77.3% in 2022, from 78.4% that was recorded in 2021, mainly attributed to the addition of new malls into the market such as the Global Trade Centre (GTC) and Meru Greenwood malls among others, which in turn weighed down the overall absorption rate. This week, we update our Kenya Retail Report 2022 with the Kenya Retail Report 2023 themed “Retail Expansion with Focus into Untapped Markets” in which we discuss the progress and performance of the Kenyan retail sector. This will be based on research that was conducted on nine n...

Education Investment Plans in Kenya

Jul 23, 2023

Education plays a central role in households' consumption budget, with education being the second priority after food, at 30.2%, compared to food which had a priority of 31.8%, according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics Finaccess Household Survey report. Previously, we have covered the following topics on Education investment plans: Education Investment Plans in Kenya in Cytonn Weekly #07/2020 - We focused on analyzing the various education investment plans in the market and the factors to be considered when selecting a suitable investment plan, and, Financial Planning for Education in Cytonn Weekly #10/2021 - We focused on how to plan your fin...

Nairobi Metropolitan Area (NMA) Land Report 2023

Jul 16, 2023

In July 2022, we released the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Land Report 2022, which highlighted that the Nairobi Metropolitan Area (NMA) land sector recorded an improvement in performance with the average annual price appreciation coming in at 3.2% in FY’2021/22, 1.7% points higher than the 1.5% appreciation recorded in FY’2020/21. The performance represented a 10-year average price appreciation CAGR of 11.4%, with the average selling price for land coming in at Kshs 126.8 mn in FY’2021/22, from Kshs 47.5 mn in 2011.   The performance was mainly driven by the increased demand for unserviced land in satellite towns of the NMA which recorded the highest annualized capital appreciation of 9.7%, compared to a market average of 3.2%. Th...