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Insurance Financial Planning

Feb 20, 2022

Financial Planning refers to a systematic approach towards managing one’s finances by allocating resources optimally in an effort to maximize the use of these resources in order to achieve one’s financial goals and objectives. Having a comprehensive financial plan is important as it enables one to achieve financial freedom by actively managing their spending habits, work towards wealth generation while taking cognisance of their current and expected income levels. Recent economic challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic have made it difficult for many Kenyans to stick to their financial plans as many were not prepared for the adverse effects of the pandemic such as income disruption and job layoffs. Such unexpected financial occurrences highlight the importance of a financial plan that is inclusive of ways of how to deal with unexpected financial occurrences including emergency savings and taking up insurance covers. 

Alternative Financing for Real Estate Developments

Feb 13, 2022

Kenya’s Real Estate sector is one of the economic sectors that that has realized remarkable growth and improvement over the past years. However, development of projects has proven to be a challenge as evidenced by various projects stalling, and hence surpassing their stipulated timelines. Key to note, Real Estate investments are capital intensive, and as such require massive funding to complete. However, the over-reliance on traditional sources of financing Real Estate projects such as debt financing continue to be a challenge in sourcing funds for developments mainly due to difficulty in accessing credit loans, coupled with the burden of being in debt. Therefore as our focus this week, we shall do a recap of our 2019 topical on Alternative Financing for Real Estate Developments, in order to identify the various sources of financing for Real Estate developments with a keen ey...

Kenya Cost of Credit

Feb 6, 2022

According to the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), the private sector credit growth declined in 2021 coming in at an average of 7.8%, in comparison to the 8.0% recorded in 2020 partly due to the cautious lending strategy adopted by banks during the COVID-19 operating environment. High cost of credit remains one of the main challenges that hinders credit growth with the big banks charging a higher cost of credit in comparison to smaller banks reflecting their strong pricing power based on a wide distribution network, multiple services and well established brands. On the other hand, small banks have to compete for customers by offering relatively cheaper credit in order to grow their loan book. According to the Kenya Bankers Association cost of credit calculator, ABSA Bank topped the list of most expensive banks charging a total of Kshs...

Unit Trust Funds Performance, Q3'2021

Jan 30, 2022

Unit Trust Funds (UTFs) are Collective Investment Schemes that pool funds from different investors and are managed by professional fund managers. The fund managers invest the pooled funds in a portfolio of securities with the aim of generating returns to meet the specific objectives of the fund. Following the release of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) Quarterly Statistical Bulletin – Q4’2021, we analyze the performance of Unit Trust Funds, as the total Assets Under Management (AUM) have been steadily increasing and they are among the most popular investment options in the Kenyan market. We will further analyze the performance of Money Market Funds, a product under Unit Trust Funds. In our previous focus on Unit Trust Funds, we...

Off Plan Real Estate Investing

Jan 16, 2022

The concept of off plan buying has continued to gain traction over the years driven by the challenging financing environment for both the developers and the end buyer. Buying off-plan is a great way to purchase a property below its actual market value, which makes it a great investment opportunity. For investors, most are attracted to off-plan buying due to the promise of property appreciation. Developers on the other hand prefer off plan investments since they consider it an alternative source of financing mainly because of the capital intensive nature of Real Estate Projects This week we seek to provide an in-depth assessment of the concept of off plan investments in the Real Estate sector to provide a basis for the justification of the concept. As such, we shall discuss the following: Introduction to Off Plan Investing, Overview of the Off Plan Buying Process and Investing Tips one should consider, A...